Parakeet Cage Guide

Parakeet Care- What Is It All About?


It is very exciting to have a new pet, however there are things points that you need to know and understand so you can really take good care of your parakeet. There are so many things that you need to consider and not take for granted especially if you have your very own parakeet.


If the parakeet is happy and healthy and receives the best parakeet care then it can live up to 12-fifteen years. However, you cannot avoid them experiencing sickness and different events at an early age. When you learn and follow proper parakeet care, then you are increasing the time you can spend with your new parakeet. After you bring home your parakeet, you should schedule a check up with the vet. You are allowing your parakeet to settle in your home and enjoy the new environment, when you make an appointment ahead of time. Your vet will be able to examine your pet and tell what are the things that you need to do and how can you take good care of it. Make sure that your parakeet with have at least yearly check ups. However, if he or she is ill then you need to immediately bring to the vet.


Parakeet care is just as simple as taking care of other pets. Parakeets can be affected with stress. This can really trigger a ton of different health issues and it must be avoided. Here is an example scenario; if you put your parakeet in a small cheap bird cages and experiences a draft then it will really be stressed. You will notice that it will be very sad. Another thing that can cause stress is lack of exercise. You should take your pet everyday so it can have exercise and try to put it in a bigger cage.


You should also take into consideration the chemicals that are in your home. Your pet will be flying around so you need to remove the things that can affect him. Keep all of your cleaning materials such as cleaners, soap, washing detergents and many more. Visit and find out further information.


If you have other pets then you should keep them away or watch them when it is time for your parakeet to exercise. This can be deadly for them. All of these are the things that you need to consider so your parakeet can live a long and happy life. Know about the parakeet lifespan here!