Parakeet Cage Guide

The Significance of Parakeet Cages

The parakeet is one type of long-tailed, small parrot. This term refers to several unrelated small parrot species. Know that in the USA, the term parakeet would refer just to the bird that is known as the budgerigar that hails from the different regions of Australia.


The colorful as well as vivacious little birds have the power of speech. As a matter of fact, the parakeet is ranked among the top 5 best speakers of the parrot varieties. A parakeet called Puck was actually credited by the Guinness World Records to have a vocabulary of 1,728 words. The other parakeet by the name of Victor was able to engage in contextual conversations and also predict the future. With such, the parakeets really possess a truly inquisitive and also intelligent nature.


To be able to foster their intelligence and also keep them happy, the right parakeet cage is required. The barest minimum cage must be 18x18 inches wide. Such cage can house two lame parakeets provided that they are let out for just a few hours daily. Of course, the larger cages are always suggested and this can be obtained at cheap costs. It is actually more important that the parakeet cages must be wider than they are tall. Since the parakeets fly more like the airplane than the helicopter, the vertical distance is really more beneficial than the horizontal space.


Know that the hanging cages must also be equipped properly with several bars and toys to keep the intelligent birds busy. The bored bird can hastily make your life miserable. Not only will they often make noise and kick food and also other debris from the cage but they will start to self-mutilate themselves as they look for attention. The birds require so much information so this is actually not a pet to consider when you cannot offer plenty of this. However, with lots of devoted attention, the parakeets will still need a great deal of activities in order to keep them busy while you are at school or work.


Some excellent toys to keep the bird's cage stocked with include the mirrors, the chain bells, the things to hang from and other veterinarian approved devices in order to keep the bird busy. Also a sign of parakeet intelligence is that they easily become bored with those existing toys. So though you're cage was once a parakeet Eden, it is required to continually restock it with toys and new items. Visit and read about bird cages. 

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